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Unlock your body with Trigger Point

triggerpointTrigger Point Therapy

Once the pressure is applied and the user takes a deep breath, the trigger point of the targeted muscle is forced to relax, and the spasm is relieved. When using Trigger Point’s Performance tools, three to five minutes of pressure within each muscle group is all that is needed. This method is recommended before and after workouts and races and prior to stretching. Athletes tend to overdo things. That’s what gets them into the painful situation in the first place. Moderation is the key.

These products are not just for athletes; Trigger Point recommends using the TP Massage Ball, Footballer, Quadballer and The Grid for anyone who wishes to bring self massage into their home to aid in the relieve or prevention aches and pains.This includes all active bodies and even office workers.

Muscles become fatigued when sitting in front of a computer or working around the house. To massage the muscles, Trigger Point suggests using their tools often. Any stress on muscles can causes damage. Stress can be from too much weight, like a laundry basket, or overworking the muscles without proper rest. The applications are the same.

The Baller Block aids in the effectiveness of the Footballer, while also acting as an aid to structural integrity while driving. Massage the body within the home and it will only enhance performance during training, racing and everyday life.

Trigger Point has recently added several new products. The Ultimate Six for Runners is a new laminated and spiral bound guidebook that provides general, detailed instruction for the use of our tools for self massage. This book is educational as well as instructional making it a must have for all runners. The new Stability PODS challenge balance and symmetry with their simple concave design. Trigger Point Technologies and Phillips are committed to providing the highest quality education and products.