The Nytro Evolution

Nytro Multisport

In 1992 Nytro Multisport opened its door and helped grow perhaps one of the most important athletic booms in decades.  Located on the famous “Coast Highway” in the quiet beach town of Encinitas, CA, “Nytro” as the store is known to multisport enthusiasts everywhere, became the Mecca for the latest in cycling, swimming and running apparel. Nytro became a pioneer in the industry when they launched their on-line store.  The first of its kind, the revolutionary site sold the best products in the industry and featured hard to get items that were coveted by “Tri guys (and gals)” world-wide.  Thus, Nytro in reality, helped to open the sport of triathlon to global popularity.  In turn, what we see today is that triathlon is one of the fastest growing sports among amateur athletes.

When Nytro first opened there was a need to serve the triathlon community in the local coastal section of San Diego.  After all, it was a hotbed for the sport.  Athletes such as World Champions Michellie Jones, Mark Allen, Greg Welch and many others lived and trained in the area.  Bikes needed to be serviced somewhere and swim goggles replaced, but no one anticipated the surge in popularity the sport would experience in the early to mid 2000’s.  Nytro is now the trendsetter in what other retailers choose to carry.  Manufacturers such as Compex, Hammer, 2XU, Zoot, Cannondale and Capo, to name a few, recognize the presence Nytro has in the virtual shopping world.

Part of what makes this landmark store so successful is its commitment to customer service.  The motto is simple, “Offer the latest technology, the most reliable advice and the best customer service in the industry.”  Walk into the store and you are greeted by a fellow swimmer, biker and runner who know everything about what you will need to get to your next PR.  New to the sport?  The staff can help direct you to the products you will need to get your training started and even suggest beginning training groups you can be a part of.  A “one stop shop” so to speak, owner Skip McDowell knows that what his staff is really doing is helping a customer with their fitness goals, reach new personal bests, and enjoy the ride.

Nytro’s presence at major triathlon events and local training events is unparalleled.  Stop by the store for a coffee and bagel before you head out for a long Saturday ride.  The provisions are well stocked outside the shop by Harvey and Ramon who will also provide you with directions and all the “need to knows” of the Pacific Coast Highway.  Nytro is a vital supporter of the Tri Club of San Diego as well the Challenged Athletes Foundation (CAF) and other important triathlon media sources.  Skip and Kristie McDowell, the owners, are proud that their store is what Triathlete Magazine refers to as, “the Mecca of triathlon gear.”  Anyway you look at it, the store that was an integral part in the beginning popular stages of triathlon, is now one of the leaders in the industry and is helping the sport to continue growing strong.