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Boardman Bikes…Coming to America!

boardman bikes at nytroThe slogan says it all…”Ride like a champion. Ride a Boardman.” Chris Boardman is an Olympic and World Champion as well as World Record Holder in cycling. He has transferred the success he has had in the athletic arena over to the bike building world and created one of the most high end and prestigious lines of bikes in the industry. Known as “The Professor” during his racing career, Chris now heads up development and research for the Boardman line. This former professional cyclist pays extensive attention to the quality of materials used, engineering and detail for each new bike that his team creates. For example, Boardman uses UD (uni-directional) carbon cloth. This type of carbon can allow for up to a 70% increase in frame strength and stiffness as compared to those frames made out of cheaper carbon cloth. Chris has gone beyond the traditional view of building bikes based on prescribed protocols dictated by the aeronautical industry, and instead has employed a “holistic” approach to bike construction. The company looks at speed, airflow types, equipment shape as well as the interaction of the rider with the aforementioned variables. Boardman has also utilized what he refers to as “the team approach,” which is looking outside the cycling world to utilize technology and materials that other industries (such as the military) are revolutionizing.

Until recently, these distinguished bikes were only available oversees. But now they are coming to America, and in a big way! Nytro Multisport will be one of few retailers in the US to carry the brand. Boardman approached Nytro and asked owner Skip McDowell if he would carry the impressive road and Tri bikes. According to McDowell, the relationship between Boardman and Nytro is, “a match made in heaven because it pairs quality products with a quality retailer.” McDowell is quite confident that Nytro Multisport will help create a huge demand for the bikes in the US as they have done for countless other retail products that started their launch with the Encinitas based retail and on-line store.

With so many world-class and age group cyclists and triathletes living and training within close proximity of the store, and using the store as as a starting point for many bike and run sessions, it is safe to say that the news of Boardman’s arrival in the United States will travel ferociously within these communities. Learn more about the exciting features and cutting edge technology that make Boardman bikes unique by visiting or contacting the store’s customer service line at 1-800-697-8007. Be one of the first to train and race on these revolutionary bikes and you will be guaranteed to be ahead of the pack.

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