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The Triathlon Deal Of The Decade

Nytro Tri Package

You need it all…wetsuit, tri-bike, helmet, shoes, etc. etc. etc. You’ve gone on-line and pointed and clicked and added items one by one to your cart and when the prices totaled up, your credit card ran and hid behind your electrolyte replacement bottle and refused to move, asking for asylum in the land of fruit punch-flavored sodium and potassium fluid. Yes you realized that perhaps you were suffering from some post-long ride blood sugar disturbances, but your plastic friend had a good point. You’ve taken up this sport where everything from Sport Beans to airline tickets to gel-cushioned bike seats have been charged on your loyal friend. Now he is taking a stand against register abuse. Not only is the magnetic strip being worn-away, but your credit limit is approaching it’s ceiling and you are about to become a triathlon widower.

You sit back and take in all that is happening. You are in need of some new gear, but your four lettered friend has a valid point. There has to be a way to score the essentials you need without causing further friction in your relationship. Just when you thought all hope was gone, you remember an amazing deal some of your training partners were talking about. You rush to your Mac in an ecstatic rage. Your fingers can’t type fast enough. You scroll quickly through the great blogs about the latest running shoes and bikes available at the shop until you find the link for the “Tri Package.” Your heart races as if you are on the starting line for your first Ironman. Your fingers fumble as you click impatiently on the string of letters and numbers that will bring you to Mecca. Yes you have now landed on the ultimate page for not only the triathlon deal of the decade, but the number one selling tri package on the planet, Tears roll down your eyes as you see the great products you get for an all-inclusive price.

Tri Package
Nytro Tri Package

You rattle off the list of items, “Cannondale Slice 5 105 Tri Bike, Men’s or Women’s Blue Seventy Tri Fusion Wetsuit, Shimano R540 Pedals/Cleats, Shimano TR31 Tri Shoes, a Bell Lumen Helmet, Nytro Transition Bag, Men’s 2XU Top and Short or Women’s Zoot Top and Short, Nytro Water Bottle, Nytro Hybrid Race Belt, Nytro Bottle Cage, Nytro In-Store Bike Fit.” And between gasps of air as you remain in a state of hyperventilation, you manage to eek out, “A free month of on-line training by Break Away Training.” All for $2,199.98. That is over $1,500 worth of savings off the MSRP. This was enough to make your credit limit sigh a breath of relief and your credit card decide to leave its temporary asylum and run back to the bastion of your money clip. A sweet reunion that everyone can live with.

All the items will help carry you to your best season yet of triathlon competition. You are confident knowing the Cannondale Slice 5 105 is a tri bike that says, is “Aero-efficient, light and climb-friendly with long-haul comfort.” Not to mention, your training will be tailored by one of the top on-line coaching platforms in the industry with Yes my friend, you have hit the triathlon jackpot. And with all the money you will have saved by investing in this exclusive package that only offers, you may need to take your good fortune, FDIC insured credit card and new tri digs to Vegas for a spin with Lady Luck. Best wishes and remember…what happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas!