The Titan of Hydration Systems

XLAB TORPEDO SYSTEMIt is that season…Ironman training is in full swing, the race calendar is set and you are going over every last detail to make sure your next 70.3 performance is a PR. And of course the topic every triathlete and cyclist is talking about this time of year is hydration. The weather is at its warmest, your mileage is being cranked up and you are looking for the most efficient hydration delivery product on the market. Your timing is perfect my friend, because XLAB, one of the leaders in aero hydration systems, has just launched their new Torpedo System and it is available at Nytro Multisport.

The new Torpedo System is the result of four years of research, testing and development. A team of designers worked passionately with Ironman World Champions and aerospace engineers to ensure that the new product is the lightest on the market and delivers the optimum amount of aerodynamics. In fact, this hydration giant is 100 grams lighter than its competitors and holds a true 26 ounces (768 milliliters) of fluid. To top it off, the sleek design does not impact the aerodynamic capabilities of the bike in any way. Now that’s my idea of the perfect Big Gulp!

The construction crew did not stop there when they set out to create this world-class system. Every detail was carefully planned with the rider’s comfort and convenience in mind. There is nothing more annoying than having to leave your arrow position to reach for a bottle when you are digging deep for a personal best. The Torpedo System puts all this agitation to rest. The bite valve keeps liquid at the top of the straw for faster drinking…a definite plus when you need fluids fast. Also, this replenishment hero can be adjusted for your perfect fit and its dual straw feature ensures that your electrolytes are never out of reach. Furthermore, the design allows for clear viewing of your computer so you don’t need to leave your position to look at your monitor. What does all this add up to? Less time on the clock when you cross the finish line.

xlab airflow CFD tested design

The XLAB Torpedo System comes clad in carbon fiber! Both the mini mount and bottle cage are made from the finest CF on the market. And of course color coordinated aero designed spacers and a color coordinated bite valve ensure that your will ride in style. Finally this titan weighs in at a mere 170 grams. That’s what I call a lightweight fighter with a big punch. Ride with this new system and you will definitely be wearing a new victory belt at the end of your next race. And all the replenishing you did along the way will ensure that your stay in the victory beer garden will be a little less dehydrating.

Available at Nytro.com