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2016 Quintana Roo PRfive

q1Superbike performance, Supreme value
The 2016 PRfive delivers superbike performance without the super price. It leads the pack in aerodynamics, weight and stiffness because at this level, every second counts. You won’t find a more thoughtfully designed, high performance, value-packed triathlon bike. Aboard the PRfive, you’ll always be on the hunt for your personal record (PR).

The PRfive isn’t just a new bike: In many ways, it’s our most minimalist bike yet.

It shares a frame – and class-leading aerodynamics – with the PRsix. That means you get the innovative design features that set Quintana Roo apart: Scalable, size-specific aero tubes; SHIFT+ downtube tech- nology; and Leading Edge Absent chainstay.

The PRfive comes with a traditional aero fork and stem, giving you the flexibility and confidence to set up your favorite cockpit.

QR didn’t sacrifce weight, either: It’s up to 400 grams lighter than some competitors’ frames. The differerence is clear, especially as eleva-tion adds up over 112 miles.

True Flexibility

You get two dropout choices (vertical or horizontal) plus unlimited cockpit compatibility. Steering is precise without feeling twitchy. And you can easily find your perfect position, regardless of your race goals or flexibility. You can use any base bar and clip-on combination, or any integrated cockpit by any manufacturer. Additionally, the PR?ve gives you the option of using brakes from Shimano, SRAM, TRP, Magura, and TriRig

Boat Tail

The PRfive’s Boat Tail tube shape further closes to? Kamm Tail edges. That means less vacuum and more efficient airflow on all relevant tubes.

Easy Assembly

QR know race day is more than just the day you swim, bike, and run. It’s time spent break- ing down, packing, and being able to make quick adjust- ments without the need for an engineering degree. The PR?ve is our most minimal bike yet.

SHIFT + Technology

O?set downtube diverts air?ow to the clean side of the bike and away from the drivetrain. Coupled with Boat Tail airfoil tube shapes, a 12mm o?set Static Downtube Orientation and a Leading Edge Absent Chainstay to create an even more aerodynamic, and more stable, bike.