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BMC Alpenchallenge AC01 IGH

All new 2016 new BMC Alpenchallenge AC01 : faster than all previous BMC urban bicycles, faster than the competition, and faster than you might expect possible of a commuter bicycle with flat bars. Many bicycles are available in the urban, fitness, commuter speed and flat bar road bike segments, but if you want to pick the fastest bike, the benefits of our new Alpenchallenge AC01 should be obvious.


BMC designed a cut-away shape into the seat tube for more than an aerodynamic advantage. It also allowed to match the 412 mm chain stays of our Granfondo GF01, while at the same time creating clearance for fenders and wider tires, resulting in road responsiveness with urban utility. The AC01 IGH models use an eccentric bottom bracket to accommodate the Gates belt drive.

The AC01 carbon fork brings a comfortable ride, clean aesthetics and brilliant steering. Technology and innovations from BMC’s rapid road bikes can easily be seen in the new design. BMC incorporated aero advantages from the Timemachine models and integrated the benefits of angle compliance from the Granfondo designs.
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