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All-New Cervelo C5 Disc Ultegra build

Cervelo‬ C5 Disc Ultegra

Cervélo has always pushed high-performance cycling to new heights, and is now taking it to new surfaces and seasons with the launch of the C-series platform. The inaugural model, the C5, is the ultimate endurance road bike. Designed to inspire confidence through a new endurance fit that delivers predictable, stable handling, it combines the exceptional lightness and appropriate stiffness engineered into every Cervélo – including a fork from the pioneering Project California team – with a uniquely integrated disc-braking system. For serious cyclists looking to challenge themselves in a range of conditions, the C5 has no equal.


Frames and forks are purposefully designed to integrate disc brake technologies to ensure optimal brake performance, improved ride quality, and the highest degree of safety. Future-Proof Cable Management ensures your frame is compatible with all current and future derailleur and brake systems.

Available at Nytro Multisport