Beware of Unauthorized Reseller’s of LOOK products


What is “Gray Market”?
The gray market is where products are sold outside normal distribution channels by unauthorized resellers that have no official relationship with the manufacturer. This market often employs irregular but not illegal methods to sell products at prices lower than those offered through official channels.

Who is an Authorized LOOK Dealer?
LOOK products are sold through a network of Authorized Dealers selected by LOOK and its Authorized Distributors to deliver customer experiences consistent with the brand promise. An Authorized Dealer not only sells the products, but also provides the consumer with all of the technical support, warranty repairs, after-sales service, and everything that a consumer associates with what a manufacturer should do. Authorized LOOK dealers earn the right to sell the brand. A listing of current authorized resellers is found on http://www.lookcycle.com by clicking on the “locate” tab.

How do I know if my LOOK product is “Gray Market”?
If the deal seemed too good to be true, it probably was. Gray market products may be less expensive than those bought through official distribution channels but are sometimes inferior. The products may be second-hand products or contain second-hand components that are represented as new or authentic. The products may come in retail packaging with Manufacturing Codes, Serial Numbers or Bar Code Stickers removed or the product may not come with packaging at all. With the use of the Internet to sell goods, some gray market items are not designed for a particular market, so they may not function properly and cannot be supported by an authorized reseller. Warranty, product updates, and/or support is NOT available for gray market products. Because the gray market seller cannot and does not provide such services, it is able to undercut the sales price of authorized dealers, but the buyer may end up with inferior service and/or no manufacturer support.

Who are some known sellers of “Gray Market” LOOK products?
The following Online websites are identified as selling gray market LOOK products.

Note about Amazon.com
While Amazon.com is not an authorized online reseller of LOOK products, some organizations who sell through Amazon.com are authorized and some are not. When making your purchase decision it is important to confirm that the merchant is an authorized dealer and that the product comes with a full manufacturer warranty. If you are unsure as to whether the seller is an authorized dealer, we encourage you to contact the seller directly to confirm.

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