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Introducing the New BMC Roadmachine

BMC roadmachine 01
The past decade of bike development has driven very real advancements in rider experience, with specialization that can deliver ride characteristics to create the ideal performance in any riding situation. For many riders, this has proven truly beneficial. But for others, the choice of which ‘category’ of bike: endurance, altitude or aero, can be quite difficult.

For Riders who Want it All

The new BMC Roadmachine family is aimed directly at the rider who wants it all. From axle to axle, this new frameset delivers sleek lines and integrated technologies, offering a hint of free speed from every angle. Combined with composite advancements in our Tuned Compliance Concept and Angle Compliance Technologies, the disc-equipped Roadmachine reshapes our endurance category. It is lightweight, sleek and incredibly integrated, borrowing technologies from each of its surrounding categories:  the sleek shapes of our aero machines and the lightweight positioning of our altitude series – resulting in a bike pointed straight at an ‘all-rounder’ style of rider.

Re-Tuned Compliance Concept
A continued evolution of our Tuned Compliance Concept and Angle Compliance Technology make the Roadmachine our highest performing endurance bike yet…

BMC Roadmachine

Maximum integration
The industry-leading Integrated Cockpit tucks away all your cables and housing. Clean, deliberate, understated…simply Swiss.

BMC Roadmachine

The new Roadmachine was designed to be the fastest, most high-performance bike in the endurance category.

BMC Roadmachine

Available at Nytro July 2016