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The Off Season

Off Season Training

You just finished your last race of the season and the only thing on your mind is a well deserved week off doing what you have been dreaming of: NOTHING.Watching Netflix, catching up with your sleep, eating ice cream and cookies, finally fixing the house door that’s been broken since March.

Every endurance athlete needs a physical and mental break at least once every season. It is absolutely essential for your body and mind!

As soon as you are done with your break, it becomes time for the famous “off-season”. However, many athletes can often misunderstand what it means to be in the off-season. It can be interpreted as a time of checking out, skipping workouts, and basically in a vacation mode. Off-Season is actually a time when all of the foundation work is done… a great endurance athlete is made during the off-season months.

Follow these “Off-Season” guidelines to make sure you will have a killer season:

  • Work on your weaknesses!
  • Drills, drills, and more drills… (swim, bike, and run)
  • Make Core Strength Training a Priority! Now is the time to build an injury proof body (2 to 3 Times a Week)
  • Cross Training: Try new things to keep your workouts fun and to help your training: hike, paddleboard, surf, ski mountaineering, mountain bike, cyclocross.
  • Focus on Stretching: Include at least 5-10 minutes of Dynamic Stretching before every workout. Try yoga once a week if you can!
  • Hills: Build strength and power… try to incorporate more hills during bike rides and runs.
  • Take your workouts Off-Road: Try to run on a trail at least once a week (preferred on your longer run). Trail running improves your balance and proprioception and works a different variation of your muscles.
  • Stick with your Training Plan: A proper off-season plan will make you a much stronger athlete for the upcoming season.

Felipe Loureiro has been successful in triathlon at all levels – from amateur to pro – accumulating over 30 years of experience in the sport and coaching. His athletic success came as he coached others and grew a business. He knows what it takes for you to succeed in any multisport discipline despite your busy schedule.