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The Off Season

Off Season Training

You just finished your last race of the season and the only thing on your mind is a well deserved week off doing what you have been dreaming of: NOTHING.Watching Netflix, catching up with your sleep, eating ice cream and cookies, finally fixing the house door that’s been broken since March.

Every endurance athlete needs a physical and mental break at least once every season. It is absolutely essential for your body and mind!

As soon as you are done with your break, it becomes time for the famous ‚Äúoff-season‚ÄĚ. However, many athletes can often misunderstand what it means to be in¬†the off-season. It can be interpreted as a time of checking out, skipping workouts,¬†and basically in a vacation mode. Off-Season is actually a time when all of the¬†foundation work is done‚Ķ a great endurance athlete is made during the off-season¬†months.

Follow these ‚ÄúOff-Season‚ÄĚ guidelines to make sure you will have a killer season:

  • Work on your weaknesses!
  • Drills, drills, and more drills‚Ķ (swim, bike, and run)
  • Make Core Strength Training a Priority! Now is the time to build an injury¬†proof body (2 to 3 Times a Week)
  • Cross Training: Try new things to keep your workouts fun and to help your¬†training: hike, paddleboard, surf, ski mountaineering, mountain bike,¬†cyclocross.
  • Focus on Stretching: Include at least 5-10 minutes of Dynamic Stretching¬†before every workout. Try yoga once a week if you can!
  • Hills: Build strength and power… try to incorporate more hills during bike¬†rides and runs.
  • Take your workouts Off-Road: Try to run on a trail at least once a week¬†(preferred on your longer run). Trail running improves your balance and¬†proprioception and works a different variation of your muscles.
  • Stick with your Training Plan: A proper off-season plan will make you a¬†much stronger athlete for the upcoming season.

Felipe Loureiro has been successful in triathlon at all levels ‚Äď from amateur to¬†pro ‚Äď accumulating over 30 years of experience in the sport and coaching. His¬†athletic success came as he coached others and grew a business. He knows¬†what it takes for you to succeed in any multisport discipline despite your busy¬†schedule.

Featured Bikes

2017 Quintana Roo PRthree

2017 Quintana Roo PRthree

The PRthree is a new elite level bike, sharing some technology advanced by its series cousins, the PRsix and the PRfive – lightweight, aero-efficient, stable, and mechanically easy to work on and travel with.

New Elite Level Tri Bike

Opening up a new Elite level category, the PRthree features trickle down technology from the award winning PRsix and PRfive. Shift, Boat Tail Airfoil, Static Downtube Orientation and the aerodynamic QBox storage system are technologies developed by QR specifically for athletes with the goal to acheive their personal record (PR). QR has even gone as far as reducing the bike build up tools down to 2 allen wrench sizes to ease travel headaches. We keep it simple so you can focus on getting your PR.

SHIFT Asymmetric Aerodynamic Technology

QR‚Äôs unique ‚Äúshift‚ÄĚ aero design was first introduced in the CD0.1 and further refined in our PR series. Shift offsets the Static Aero Downtube towards the drive side of the bike thus redirecting the concentrated airflow away from the ‚Äėdirty‚Äô (driveside) to the ‚Äėclean‚Äô side (nondrive side) of the bike. This minimizes drag and makes the drivetrain virtually invisible to the wind. The result is a bike that is more stable and more aerodynamic across a wider range of yaw angles. Athletes find that Shift helps stabilize the bike in cross winds which saves them energy on the bike to use on the run.

QR PRthree

Boat Tail Airfoil

Used in ballistics technology and the automobile industry, Boat Tail airfoils are more stable and more aerodynamic than Kamm Tail airfoils while still maintaining effectiveness over a wider range of yaw angles than traditional airfoil shapes. The boat tail shape reduces swirling air pockets off the back of each aero tube thus reducing drag and stabilizing the bike.

Quintana Roo Pr3

Static Downtube Orientation

Wind tunnel testing has shown that dropping the downtube as close as possible to the trailing edge of the front wheel improves aerodynamics. With this in mind, we’ve specifically calculated the downtube drop ratio for each size of the PRsix to make sure that every frame falls within the tightest standard. In other words, every size of the PRsix is as aero as we could possibly make it.


Aerodynamic Storage System

QR’s size specific QBox storage system is designed to further enhance the Boat Tail Airfoil increasing aerodynamics and stability while providing a quick and convenient location for storage.

QR QBox storage system

  • $2,500 for Shimano 105 Premium Component Mix
  • $3,600 for Shimano 105 Premium Component Mix with Race Wheel Upgrade
  • Trickle down technology from the award winning PRsix and PRfive
  • Shift Asymmetric Aerodynamic Technology
  • Frame featuring 24T hybrid composite technology
  • QBox increases aerodynamics
  • Boat tail cross sections increase aero efficiency and provide greater stability (used on the frame & QBox)
  • Static Downtube Orientation for maximum aerodynamic advantage across all sizes (size specific design)
  • Easy Assembly: 2 allen wrench sizes
  • Cockpit Adjustment

Available at Nytro Multisport

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Ladies Night at Nytro July 14, 6-8pm


// Leslie Myers to discuss healthy eating habits and nutritional foods for the active woman.
// Michellie Jones to share tips on training and racing that made her a World and Olympic champion.
// Kristin Mayer to show off her Betty Design “bad ass” triathlon and cycling apparel.
// Talia Herman from Garmin to demonstrate how products with HRM can enhance your fitness level.
// Sara Cates from Rehab United to discuss injury prevention and “listening to your body”.
// Beth Gerdes will demonstrate how to change a flat tire and what you need in your gear bag.


// Good eats compliments of Leslie Myers and
// Raffle for cool prizes
// Special one-night only offers from Garmin, Betty Design Giro, Cervelo, and more



Meet the Legends at Nytro

From Mission Bay to Kona
San Diego’s IRONMAN¬ģ¬†Champs¬†
Then & Now

Join us for a unique evening to meet the triathlon legends: Scott Tinley, Michellie Jones, Heather Fuhr, Julie Moss, Kathleen McCartney, John Howard, Jeff Tinley, Linda Sweeney and Tom Warren with special video clips from Scott Molina, Mark Allen and Dave Scott.

Challenged Athletes Foundation Fundraiser:
$35 fee all proceeds benefitting CAF!

‚ÄĘ Limited to 100 attendees
‚ÄĘ Pictures with the legends
‚ÄĘ Raffle for cool prizes
‚ÄĘ Co-Moderated by Bob Babbitt, Julie Moss, & Scott Tinley¬†

‚ÄĘ Co-Produced: Nytro & Tri


940 S Coast Hwy 101, Encinitas, CA 92024

Featured Bikes

All new BMC road machine 01

BMC roadmachine 01

Who said you couldn’t have it all?  Due to the ultimate advancements in a re-Tuned Compliance Concept, this bike challenges the traditional road bike categories. From axle to axle, the BMC new Roadmachine delivers sleek, integrated technologies and hints at free speed from every angle. It is lightweight, fast, and incredibly integrated. Brilliant pedaling efficiency and the ideal level of compliance for legendary days of riding leave you with no doubts; this bike has it all.

BMC roadmachine 01

BMC roadmachine 01

BMC roadmachine 01

BMC roadmachine 01

BMC roadmachine 01

BMC roadmachine 01

BMC roadmachine 01

Available at Nytro Multisport

Featured Bikes

Introducing the New BMC Roadmachine

BMC roadmachine 01
The past decade of bike development has driven very real advancements in rider experience, with specialization that can deliver ride characteristics to create the ideal performance in any riding situation. For many riders, this has proven truly beneficial. But for others, the choice of which ‚Äėcategory‚Äô of bike: endurance, altitude or aero, can be quite difficult.

For Riders who Want it All

The new BMC Roadmachine family is aimed directly at the rider who wants it all. From axle to axle, this new frameset delivers sleek lines and integrated technologies, offering a hint of free speed from every angle. Combined with composite advancements in our Tuned Compliance Concept and Angle Compliance Technologies, the disc-equipped Roadmachine reshapes our endurance category. It is lightweight, sleek and incredibly integrated, borrowing technologies from each of its surrounding categories:¬† the sleek shapes of our aero machines and the lightweight positioning of our altitude series ‚Äď resulting in a bike pointed straight at an ‚Äėall-rounder‚Äô style of rider.

Re-Tuned Compliance Concept
A continued evolution of our Tuned Compliance Concept and Angle Compliance Technology make the Roadmachine our highest performing endurance bike yet…

BMC Roadmachine

Maximum integration
The industry-leading Integrated Cockpit tucks away all your cables and housing. Clean, deliberate, understated…simply Swiss.

BMC Roadmachine

The new Roadmachine was designed to be the fastest, most high-performance bike in the endurance category.

BMC Roadmachine

Available at Nytro July 2016