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All new BMC road machine 01

BMC roadmachine 01

Who said you couldn’t have it all?  Due to the ultimate advancements in a re-Tuned Compliance Concept, this bike challenges the traditional road bike categories. From axle to axle, the BMC new Roadmachine delivers sleek, integrated technologies and hints at free speed from every angle. It is lightweight, fast, and incredibly integrated. Brilliant pedaling efficiency and the ideal level of compliance for legendary days of riding leave you with no doubts; this bike has it all.

BMC roadmachine 01

BMC roadmachine 01

BMC roadmachine 01

BMC roadmachine 01

BMC roadmachine 01

BMC roadmachine 01

BMC roadmachine 01

Available at Nytro Multisport

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Introducing the New BMC Roadmachine

BMC roadmachine 01
The past decade of bike development has driven very real advancements in rider experience, with specialization that can deliver ride characteristics to create the ideal performance in any riding situation. For many riders, this has proven truly beneficial. But for others, the choice of which ‘category’ of bike: endurance, altitude or aero, can be quite difficult.

For Riders who Want it All

The new BMC Roadmachine family is aimed directly at the rider who wants it all. From axle to axle, this new frameset delivers sleek lines and integrated technologies, offering a hint of free speed from every angle. Combined with composite advancements in our Tuned Compliance Concept and Angle Compliance Technologies, the disc-equipped Roadmachine reshapes our endurance category. It is lightweight, sleek and incredibly integrated, borrowing technologies from each of its surrounding categories:  the sleek shapes of our aero machines and the lightweight positioning of our altitude series – resulting in a bike pointed straight at an ‘all-rounder’ style of rider.

Re-Tuned Compliance Concept
A continued evolution of our Tuned Compliance Concept and Angle Compliance Technology make the Roadmachine our highest performing endurance bike yet…

BMC Roadmachine

Maximum integration
The industry-leading Integrated Cockpit tucks away all your cables and housing. Clean, deliberate, understated…simply Swiss.

BMC Roadmachine

The new Roadmachine was designed to be the fastest, most high-performance bike in the endurance category.

BMC Roadmachine

Available at Nytro July 2016

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Start Gravel Riding Today


You already have the bike that works
Your current road bike can be used for an introduction to gravel riding.  All you need are slightly bigger tires.  Continental 28mm Gator Hardshell tires work fine for many dirt roads here in North County San Diego. I have ridden the BWR on 25mm tires, but this year I rode tubeless 28mm tires and was so glad I did.

The term “gravel riding” means riding a road or cyclocross bicycle on adventures which include riding both road and off road.  Unlike many areas of the country, North County of San Diego does not have long stretches of dirt or gravel roads, but it does sport some great off road riding. We have to connect these short to medium lengths of dirt road by riding on pavement. This is where 28mm tires shine. In many cases 28mm tires are the largest tires most road bicycles can run.   Also this size does not slow you down on pavement.  This will allow for exploration of many local dirt roads and trails.

Have you caught the Gravel Riding Fever?
After you have ridden a few gravel rides, it is time to think about a second set of wheels. One wheelset would be paired with your current tires.  The other wheelset would have a more gravel friendly tire.  For example, the aluminum Reynolds Stratus Pro is a great choice.  Weighing in at 1450 grams a pair, they are tubeless ready and can take a beating on the trails.  With two sets of wheels you can optimize your ride time and ride options.

When it is time to get your Gravel Bike?
Until recently a gravel bike was a cyclocross bike with different tires.  The new category of  “endurance bike” with disc brakes has a good compromise of features that allow riding on pavement and dirt.

Perfect gravel bike for Southern California
So, you have a road bike, but you also want the perfect gravel bike. Several manufactures are starting to make gravel specific bikes.  These bikes have hydraulic disc brakes, a lightweight frame, can absorb the rough road and is stable in the dirt. Add electronic di2 shifting and you have the perfect gravel bike. Nytro has that bike

Nytro has that bike.
Nytro has two great choices for gravel bikes; the Scott Addict and Cervelo’s C5 & C3.  If your rides are going to be mostly dirt, get the Addict as it allows for a greater tire size.  If you will be riding more road than dirt get the the Cervelo, it will be lighter and more stable.  If you only want one bike, the C series Cervelo is the bike that performs on the road and is agile on the dirt.

Scott Addict Gravel
Cervelo C5 Series



Hoka Clayton KONA Edition

Hoka ONE Kona Claytom

The CLAYTON KONA edition was inspired by tropical plants native to Hawai’i and the infamous lava fields along the Queen Ka’ahumanu highway. Redefining what’s possible with a fast shoe, this lightweight marvel boasts a PRO2LiteTM dual density midsole, which makes for a forgiving landing and responsive toe off. The CLAYTON’s responsiveness is further enhanced by the RMAT outsole which eliminates the excess weight of traditional rubber. This is a truly premium offering for those looking for a lightweight and responsive shoe. The CLAYTON is ready to compete when you are.

Pre-Order your today – Available 9/15  

Women’s Hoka Clayton Kona Edtions
Men’s Hoka Clayton Kona Edtions


Beware of Unauthorized Reseller’s of LOOK products


What is “Gray Market”?
The gray market is where products are sold outside normal distribution channels by unauthorized resellers that have no official relationship with the manufacturer. This market often employs irregular but not illegal methods to sell products at prices lower than those offered through official channels.

Who is an Authorized LOOK Dealer?
LOOK products are sold through a network of Authorized Dealers selected by LOOK and its Authorized Distributors to deliver customer experiences consistent with the brand promise. An Authorized Dealer not only sells the products, but also provides the consumer with all of the technical support, warranty repairs, after-sales service, and everything that a consumer associates with what a manufacturer should do. Authorized LOOK dealers earn the right to sell the brand. A listing of current authorized resellers is found on http://www.lookcycle.com by clicking on the “locate” tab.

How do I know if my LOOK product is “Gray Market”?
If the deal seemed too good to be true, it probably was. Gray market products may be less expensive than those bought through official distribution channels but are sometimes inferior. The products may be second-hand products or contain second-hand components that are represented as new or authentic. The products may come in retail packaging with Manufacturing Codes, Serial Numbers or Bar Code Stickers removed or the product may not come with packaging at all. With the use of the Internet to sell goods, some gray market items are not designed for a particular market, so they may not function properly and cannot be supported by an authorized reseller. Warranty, product updates, and/or support is NOT available for gray market products. Because the gray market seller cannot and does not provide such services, it is able to undercut the sales price of authorized dealers, but the buyer may end up with inferior service and/or no manufacturer support.

Who are some known sellers of “Gray Market” LOOK products?
The following Online websites are identified as selling gray market LOOK products.

Note about Amazon.com
While Amazon.com is not an authorized online reseller of LOOK products, some organizations who sell through Amazon.com are authorized and some are not. When making your purchase decision it is important to confirm that the merchant is an authorized dealer and that the product comes with a full manufacturer warranty. If you are unsure as to whether the seller is an authorized dealer, we encourage you to contact the seller directly to confirm.

Shop all LOOK products (Nytro is a Authorized Online Dealer)

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2016 Pinarello Dogma F8 Nytro Spec RED ETAP

Pinarello Dogma F8 Nytro Spec RED ETAP Road Bike

The Nytro new exclusive Pinarello DOGMA F8 SRAM Red eTap wireless premium build road bike. This custom built super bike is streamlined and precise, but at the same time extremely stiff and fast.

Pinarello Dogma F8 Nytro Spec RED ETAP

The frameset is designed with improved aerodynamics, a new ONDA F8 fork, new Pinarello TORAYCA T1100 1K CARBON, a more balanced frame design, lighter, stiffer, and faster than ever.

Pinarello Dogma F8 Nytro Spec RED ETAP Road Bike
Pinarello Dogma F8 Nytro Spec RED ETAP Road Bike

Build with SRAM RED eTap wireless groupset engineered to go the distance for fast and precise shifting without wires. Includes SRAM RED eTap Power Meter by Quarq tested to ensure smooth, precise shifting with SRAM’s new RED eTap groupset. Quarq power meters have an IPX7 waterproof rating.

Pinarello Dogma F8 Nytro Spec RED ETAP with Tesla Model S


  • Pinarello F8 T1100 1K Carbon : Matte Black 957
  • Full Shimano SRAM RED eTap Groupset
  • SRAM RED eTap Power Meter Crankset
  • Zipp Carbon Road Bar / Stem
  • Zipp 303 Firecrest Carbon Clincher Wheelset
  • Fizik Antares R1 Braid Saddle
  • Weight : 15.5lbs (53cm)

Wahoo Fitness Elemnt GPS Bike Computer

Wahoo Elemnt GPS Bike Computer

Wahoo Fitness is breaking the GPS bike computer stereotype! Equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 and ANT+ dual-band technology, ELEMNT pairs seamlessly with all of your cycling sensors. No more confusing menus! ELEMNT comes with a free companion app that allows you to set up your data fields, customize profiles, track performance, and share ride data effortlessly. Plus, programmable LED QuickLook Indicators provide a quick way to see if you’re on pace with important performance metrics like speed, cadence and power. Simple to set up, simple to experience, simple to stay connected, simple to navigate, and simple to suffer – the ELEMNT GPS Bike Computer gives you the POWER you demand with the SIMPLICITY you expect!

The Wahoo Elemnt GPS computer just added integration with SRAM eTap and Shimano Di2 electronic drivetrains, plus fields for muscle oxygenation for third-party sensors from BSXInsight and Moxy Monitor.

Available at Nytro Multiport