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Cervelo P5X


The all-new New Cervélo P5x. The fastest, most technologically advanced triathlon bike ever made. Designed and shaped for the needs of every athlete.

There’s more to the ultimate triathlon bike than blowing benchmarks away. For the first time in Cervélo’s history — for the first time in history, period — the unique needs of every triathlete, whether training, racing or travelling, are truly front and centre. From aerodynamically integrated storage and stress-free packing to unprecedented micro- and macro-adjustability, the P5X focuses on a singular goal: Helping triathletes achieve their personal best.

Cervelo P5X SRAM eTap

The Speed = Comfort + Power + Aerodynamics : When a athlete purchased a tri bike, they are buying speed. Roughly 80 per cent of a rider’s energy output is used to overcome resistive force, primarily aerodynamic drag A Tri bike allows an athlete to obtain a position depends on one factor above all else: Comfort.

Cervelo P5x

Build Range of adjustment: The micro and macro adjustability of the P5X allows every athlete to find their perfect position quickly and easily.

Cervelo P5x Disc

Disc brakes for consistent braking power in all conditions and new aero design freedom.

Cervelo P5x Triathlon

Build Removable Speedcase on downtube for extra storage and internal bottle orientation.

Cervelo P5x

Stealth intergrated frame/ aero box to carry tools and flat kit. Full housing cable routing for ease of assembly.Ultra-low standover frame and Smartpak storage for the ultimate aerodynamics. Saddle fore-aft adjustment from 74 to 78 degrees effective seat angle.

New Cervélo P5x

New Cervélo P5x

  • New Cervélo P5x : Ultra Aero Triathlon Bike
  • Full SRAM RED eTap Groupset
  • Cervélo P5x Carbon Road Bar / Stem
  • ENVE SES Cervélo Carbon Clincher Wheelset
  • New Aero Design Disc Brakes

Available at Nytro Multisport

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Ladies Night at Nytro July 14, 6-8pm


// Leslie Myers to discuss healthy eating habits and nutritional foods for the active woman.
// Michellie Jones to share tips on training and racing that made her a World and Olympic champion.
// Kristin Mayer to show off her Betty Design “bad ass” triathlon and cycling apparel.
// Talia Herman from Garmin to demonstrate how products with HRM can enhance your fitness level.
// Sara Cates from Rehab United to discuss injury prevention and “listening to your body”.
// Beth Gerdes will demonstrate how to change a flat tire and what you need in your gear bag.


// Good eats compliments of Leslie Myers and foodsensenow.com
// Raffle for cool prizes
// Special one-night only offers from Garmin, Betty Design Giro, Cervelo, and more


Featured Bikes, Gear, Training & Fitness

Start Gravel Riding Today


You already have the bike that works
Your current road bike can be used for an introduction to gravel riding.  All you need are slightly bigger tires.  Continental 28mm Gator Hardshell tires work fine for many dirt roads here in North County San Diego. I have ridden the BWR on 25mm tires, but this year I rode tubeless 28mm tires and was so glad I did.

The term “gravel riding” means riding a road or cyclocross bicycle on adventures which include riding both road and off road.  Unlike many areas of the country, North County of San Diego does not have long stretches of dirt or gravel roads, but it does sport some great off road riding. We have to connect these short to medium lengths of dirt road by riding on pavement. This is where 28mm tires shine. In many cases 28mm tires are the largest tires most road bicycles can run.   Also this size does not slow you down on pavement.  This will allow for exploration of many local dirt roads and trails.

Have you caught the Gravel Riding Fever?
After you have ridden a few gravel rides, it is time to think about a second set of wheels. One wheelset would be paired with your current tires.  The other wheelset would have a more gravel friendly tire.  For example, the aluminum Reynolds Stratus Pro is a great choice.  Weighing in at 1450 grams a pair, they are tubeless ready and can take a beating on the trails.  With two sets of wheels you can optimize your ride time and ride options.

When it is time to get your Gravel Bike?
Until recently a gravel bike was a cyclocross bike with different tires.  The new category of  “endurance bike” with disc brakes has a good compromise of features that allow riding on pavement and dirt.

Perfect gravel bike for Southern California
So, you have a road bike, but you also want the perfect gravel bike. Several manufactures are starting to make gravel specific bikes.  These bikes have hydraulic disc brakes, a lightweight frame, can absorb the rough road and is stable in the dirt. Add electronic di2 shifting and you have the perfect gravel bike. Nytro has that bike

Nytro has that bike.
Nytro has two great choices for gravel bikes; the Scott Addict and Cervelo’s C5 & C3.  If your rides are going to be mostly dirt, get the Addict as it allows for a greater tire size.  If you will be riding more road than dirt get the the Cervelo, it will be lighter and more stable.  If you only want one bike, the C series Cervelo is the bike that performs on the road and is agile on the dirt.

Scott Addict Gravel
Cervelo C5 Series


Featured Bikes

All-New Cervelo C5 Disc Ultegra build

Cervelo‬ C5 Disc Ultegra

Cervélo has always pushed high-performance cycling to new heights, and is now taking it to new surfaces and seasons with the launch of the C-series platform. The inaugural model, the C5, is the ultimate endurance road bike. Designed to inspire confidence through a new endurance fit that delivers predictable, stable handling, it combines the exceptional lightness and appropriate stiffness engineered into every Cervélo – including a fork from the pioneering Project California team – with a uniquely integrated disc-braking system. For serious cyclists looking to challenge themselves in a range of conditions, the C5 has no equal.


Frames and forks are purposefully designed to integrate disc brake technologies to ensure optimal brake performance, improved ride quality, and the highest degree of safety. Future-Proof Cable Management ensures your frame is compatible with all current and future derailleur and brake systems.

Available at Nytro Multisport


Slowtwitch Road Show at Nytro, March 19, 2016

Slowtwitch Road Show at Nytro
• Test Rides from BMCCervelo, and QR
• Wanna faster bike split…check out the new Zipp wheels
• Take a run in HOKA shoes – you won’t believe the cushy ride
• Check out SRAM’s new eTap wireless electronic shifting
• Looking for a new wetsuit, Blue Seventy is in the house
• F.I.S.T. certified fitters to optimize your bike fit
• Wondering about your nutrition needs…Nuun has it covered
• Do you train with power? Powertap and Quarq say YES!
• What makes Cobb saddles so special…just ask John Cobb
• El Niño got you down…Wahoo Kickr and CycleOps to the rescue
• Confused over compression? CEP has the answers

Special Pricing on all Road Show vendor products – One Day Only!

Raffle for cool products – Raffle every hour on the hour!

RSVP – Click here

Team / Racing

Wind and sand training – check!

Last year after the Desert Tri race I stated, “never again”. You would have thought I learned how volatile the desert can be after crazy wind before the race, rain during the race and even snow on the drive home last year!

But no, I was swooned by our new RV that we wouldn’t have any problems race camping this year. This held true as it was amazing sleeping in the RV as you only felt the rig move during the 50 mph wind gusts! What I wasn’t thinking about is racing in those conditions!

Before I get into race details, we started the weekend off by heading to Palm Desert Friday morning to meet up with my in-laws and my mom and her husband Bill. What an extra bonus of a race camping weekend having our family with us and catching up on the months we have been apart. My husband’s parents drove from Boise on their way to an AZ trip and my parents drove from Minnesota during part of their AZ road trip. So thankful for their love and support and enduring the race day elements to cheers us on. We were also able to cheer on our friends and team mates during the Sprint triathlon on Saturday, great weather conditions!

Desert Tri race

The weather forecast for race weekend looks promising. Warmer temps during week but cooling down to the 70s on Sunday and winds not picking up until 1 p.m. Unfortunatly mother nature had other plans and the high winds and gusts started at 8 p.m. on Saturday night and lasted through about 8 a.m. race morning. Over night expo tents ended up in the lake and the porta potties tipped over.

Athletes waited around transition Sunday morning as the organizers provided updates and finally official confirmation that the race would start, just a little behind schedule.

I was in the fifth swim wave and was happy the winds had calmed down. When our wave started I dove right in at the front of the line and tried to think about all the sprint/hard masters sets I’ve done recently. It took me a bit to get in my rhythm as I think my head got a little out of race mode with the potential of the race being cancelled. Once I got past that it was an uneventful swim.

Efficient transition onto the bike. Since the race started late I put focus on a steady effort on the bike and getting calories down my neck so I’d be ready for the run. Fortunately I didn’t experience any wind gusts on the ride, just some head winds for some leg strength work.

Quick transition from bike to run. I was looking forward to start the run as I knew during the first mile I would see my family and friends cheering us on at the equestrian campground! Their cheers and encouragement was just what I needed to put in the effort to push myself on the run. I tried to enjoy a couple miles of tail winds and then laugh to myself when I’d turn into a headwind that would push you back.

I noticed during the race that I didn’t see any 40-44 female racers while I was on the bike or run. When I got out of the swim I heard a friend yell that I was the 2nd pink cap out of the water so it made sense on the bike and no females passed me on the 1st loop and only one passed me on second loop but I didn’t know her age or if she was on her first or second lap. Same thing on the run I didn’t see any age body marking, why did I have 41 on my calf?! I was pushing through the last headwind run stretch and merged left to cross the finish line when out of no where a girl sprinted past me (I was sprinting too) and sure enough she was a 40-44 age grouper! I swam and biked faster than her but she was a stronger runner and grabbed 3rd place by 2 sec. over me.

My family and friends were there at the finish to cheer me through. My husband and I checked out the results and saw that I had missed 3rd place by 2 sec. We watched my Groove Tri  teammate Jenny receive her Elite podium award and then we went back to the camper to pack up and head home happy with both having solid races.

Desert Tri race

Fast forward to Monday, the original 1st place 40-44 times were removed (there was a question on the posted swim time) which moved me up to 3rd* place! Nice surprise to kick off the 2016 race season! Now two more weeks of building volume then taper for Oceanside 70.3 on April 2!

Results: 3rd* place 40-44 female AG out of 23 that finished

Swim 27:04 (fasted 40-44 female time, thanks Coach Hux!)

T1: 2:21

Bike: 1:10:52 (3rd bike AG)

T2: 1:25

Run: 53:54

Total time: 2:35:38

*Looks like results keep changing so subject to final decision by race organizers and timing chip provider

-Heidi Swanson

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Introducing the new Cervelo C5

Cervélo has always pushed high-performance cycling to new heights, and is now taking it to new surfaces and seasons with the launch of the C Series platform. The inaugural model, the C5, is designed to inspire confidence through a new endurance fit that delivers predictable, stable handling. It combines the exceptional lightness and appropriate stiffness engineered into every Cervélo – including an all-carbon fork from the pioneering Project California team – with a uniquely integrated disc-braking system.

See complete Cervelo C5 bikes