Hoka Clayton KONA Edition

Hoka ONE Kona Claytom

The CLAYTON KONA edition was inspired by tropical plants native to Hawai’i and the infamous lava fields along the Queen Ka’ahumanu highway. Redefining what’s possible with a fast shoe, this lightweight marvel boasts a PRO2LiteTM dual density midsole, which makes for a forgiving landing and responsive toe off. The CLAYTON’s responsiveness is further enhanced by the RMAT outsole which eliminates the excess weight of traditional rubber. This is a truly premium offering for those looking for a lightweight and responsive shoe. The CLAYTON is ready to compete when you are.

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Women’s Hoka Clayton Kona Edtions
Men’s Hoka Clayton Kona Edtions


Slowtwitch Road Show at Nytro, March 19, 2016

Slowtwitch Road Show at Nytro
• Test Rides from BMCCervelo, and QR
• Wanna faster bike split…check out the new Zipp wheels
• Take a run in HOKA shoes – you won’t believe the cushy ride
• Check out SRAM’s new eTap wireless electronic shifting
• Looking for a new wetsuit, Blue Seventy is in the house
• F.I.S.T. certified fitters to optimize your bike fit
• Wondering about your nutrition needs…Nuun has it covered
• Do you train with power? Powertap and Quarq say YES!
• What makes Cobb saddles so special…just ask John Cobb
• El Niño got you down…Wahoo Kickr and CycleOps to the rescue
• Confused over compression? CEP has the answers

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A Megastar Is Born!

Hoka One OneYou won’t find it in your Facebook invites or as one of the latest tweets in your feed but Hoka One One is inviting “you to come run with us.”  If I were you I’d take this new kid on the block up on their offer because pretty soon they will be in so much demand that these type of invites will be few and far between as their time will be spent tending to the hundreds of thousands of orders they have to fulfill and the new spring lines to launch.  Yep you heard it here first…a new megastar has been born so grab your backstage pass and run, don’t walk, to Nytro Multisport to grab your pair of these new running shoes that are taking the endurance community by storm.

Hoka One One was founded by two trail running enthusiasts.  They set out to design a shoe that was beneficial for runners of all abilities.  So in 2010, when most of the major shoe companies were designing models that followed the minimalist profile standard, Hoka went in an entirely different direction.  The shoe company from “down under” took notes from the leaders in the tennis, mountain biking, skiing and golf industry and decided to go big.  Yep, just as Callaway had revolutionized the golf industry with its line of Big Bertha drivers, Hoka designed a running shoe that was 15% lighter than average running shoes but yet 2.5 times larger in the midsole than it’s mainstream competitors.  The results have been monumental.  Consumer demand for the product has been extraordinary and industry leaders are so impressed that they are buying the shoe for their daily training.  Multisport industry legend Dan Empfield stated,

“For a quarter century I’ve been limping along in my running, wanting and waiting for a particular shoe.  I knew the features; knew what I wanted; but nobody would make it.  Finally a company made that shoe, and Hoka One One is that company.”

So what makes the Hoka so special?  The designers have created a shoe that encourages natural running mechanics while blending the benefits of a light “minimalist” feel with the traction and cushion of a “makimalist” shoe.  Thus the athlete feels as if they are floating while running as compared to pounding the ground in traditional running shoes.  Hoka refers to this sensation as “levitation.”  The unique design of the shoe allows the athlete’s body to be relaxed while running because the low ramp angle of the heel and the extra cushioning allows for an astonishing 80% shock dissipation to occur.  I guess you could say that Hoka truly has the Midas touch!  This shock absorption is a God-send because it allows for two to three times more vertical travel than conventional running shoes can provide.  If you are a trail running enthusiast, the shoe can be manna from heaven!  Your ability to navigate uneven terrain with greater efficiency and comfort is increased exponentially.  Plus, that larger outsole surface allows for greater grip and stability so those slippery slopes along the river path aren’t nearly as treacherous as they used to be. According to triathlon superstar Scott Tinley, “Certainly the shock-absorption aspect of running shoe design has been overlooked in the pop-driven, barefoot boom. But in all the shoes I’ve run in since my first pair of Indian moccasins in 1970 (true story), I’ve yet to run in a UCS (ultra cushioned shoe) that retains the control and weight of Hoka.”  Move over Jeep 4×4…you have met your match!

So there you have it…the latest in running shoe technology that is in a league of its own.  The Hoka One One has set the standard high and is running away from the rest of the field and leaving its large footprint firmly embedded in that mud that is settled along the creek path for all the competition to look at and you are invited to come along for the ride of your life!

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